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The harder way up Hawkins Hill
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As a much more challenging alternative to the easy walk up from the wind turbine you need to start right at the bottom of the Hill next to the Happy Valley Tip. This is a moderately steep 4wd track that winds its way up the hill, before coming out on the ridge a few hundred metres down the main track from the summit. Distance from the road to the summit via this track is almost exactly 4 kms according to my GPS. The day I went up was blowing gale+ with winds gusting over 100 kph at the top. There is a section of the main track to the top that cops the famed Wellington north-westerly in all its force. I was blown right across the road by one gust and there was nothing I could do to prevent it :o. Do NOT walk close to the downwind edge in such conditions!

The track from the wind turbine to the summit is a bit shorter (as well as much less steep) at 3.5 kms.
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