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Stony Bay Peak
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Bagged 2 February 2009, dry track. We walked up Stony Bay Peak on a recent trip to Akaroa and so far as I can see it meets almost all of the necessary criteria. Although it shows in the Possibles list as being a 2 hour trip, that is only the case if you park at the car park near to Purple Peak Saddle: most people who climb this peak ought to do it from sea level in Akaroa, which means that you climb the whole thing, not just the last 200m!

Start at the Information centre in Akaroa and walk up Rue Balguerie. Stony Bay Peak is immediately ahead of you: the road points right at it. You carry on up the road until it turns into a gravel road (a very steep tarmac bit lies before this). At the end of the gravel road you go through a gate onto a gravel farm track. The farmer has granted right of way to walkers and the walks are publicised at the Information Centre: the Banks Peninsular Walk uses this track as well. After another gate the farm track is just grass. Finally it turns into a narrow foot track up to Purple Peak Saddle at around 600m and 4.6 km from the start. Took us 1 hr 45 mins to here. At this point turn right (it is signposted) and the hard bit starts. The track up to Stony Bay Peak is very steep and quite overgrown, mainly with grasses. It takes the best part of an hour to traverse only 1.2 km to the top. At the top there is a bit of a plateau that you cross to get to the rock cairn perched at the edge of a steep drop. Views over Akaroa and the harbour are fabulous.

Return is the way you went up. Took us another hour to descend to the saddle, but only 1:15 back to Akaroa, so the round trip was 5 hours plus rest stops.

So, it is over 100m (806m). The highest point is actually just after you reach the top plateau, the rocky cairn and lookout are about 10m lower.

There are very rewarding views (most of the way down has great views too as the terrain is very open).

It is only 1:15 from Christchurch.

Summit is only accessible by foot.

It is named on all the maps.

It is the highest peak on the track.
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Re: Stony Bay Peak
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Sounds great Tim!  I'll definitely get it written up and added to the list properly (I'm waiting for winter to start so I can spend time writing these up - based on today's weather in Wellington, it's not far away!).  Got any images you'd like to share?

My brief drive around Banks Peninsula showed me enough to know I want to return...  I love it's volcanic landscape.  Sometimes in the South Island all the focus is on the Southern Alps, but there are some great little hills in other parts.

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Have uploaded a couple of photos, still have to search out some more. I have a GPS track plot as well if that is of any use to you when you write it up.
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