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Boulder Hill
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I grew up on Belmont Flat during the Fifties and Sixties and this was our play ground before Kelson even Existed. This is a great place to lie and cloud watch on a summers day or star gaze on a crisp autumn evening. An even better place to battle the elements in a howling southerly. you havent lived until youve braced a good storm anchored by the rocks on boulder hill. This is the place that built the wonderlust for adventure and the need to know what lay beyond the next hill and ridge.

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Hiya BigPaul,

As a resident of Kelson, I was just sitting looking at the hills this morning wondering about what Kelson looked like before the subdivision....  we were also speculating how far up the hills housing might creep in 50 years time.

Damn it, looks like I'm gonna have to go up Boulder Hill in a storm now!  I've only been up there on perfect clear days.  Sounds fantastic