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Ruapehu - did it but ought to have read prev reports!
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I did Ruapehu, at least to the Dome Summit on Waitangi day in mixed misty and cloudy but warm and still conditions.  I walked up from the Bruce Car Park to where the main ski lifts finish, but then went wrong following a path marked Skyline viewpoint, which ultimately led me to a steep narrow ridge surrounded by glacier snow on both sides, I retreated back and then followed the ski lifts further right (south) from the base station and eventually discovered a path that was much easier to follow.

At that stage I was chasing the rising clouds up the mountain.  On the summit did get great views of the crater lake and the main summit (proper ice axe and crampons and steely nerve would be needed for that even in mid summer).  Views elsewhere were limited by the cloud.  Going down was less eventful.

I had some super views of Ruapehu when walking in the Kaimanawa Forest Park the next two days.

I would certainly have benefited from reading the prev reports on here, and in particular the map with the route.  I had a printed Topo Map from the memorymap software but there's no patch marked at all, and the start's not signposted either unless I am mistaken.
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Re: Ruapehu - did it but ought to have read prev reports!
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Yeah Lloydy, it's amazing how easy it is to lose the path going up Ruapehu.... you kinda think it will be obvious, but it's not really.  Congrats on making it anyway