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Taupiri: Access Issues (Non-Approved)
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I had this emailed to me from Linda....  I know it well, being by the main road and all.   Anyone local care to visit and check it out? ... it sounds like a goer.... my only concern are the usual access issues, as I know it there is a cemetery there.  If anyone spots any signs I'd like to know who maintains the track and access etc. 

"Taupiri Mountain is not listed on your web site...


Access is off SH1 but not at the cemetery take the lane / road on the north east side of Taupiri bridge....  Carefully cross the rail line (no bells)

Follow the road below the mountain past the Wharenui.

About 1km up this road are two gateways for walking tracks up the mountain to the trig.


The 2nd track is the easiest.  The first requires walking through gorse, and up huge steps, over tree roots.

The 2nd track is more formed.   Allow 90 mins to 2.5 hours for return trip a great small peak.  Is totally uphill

Fantastic views across Waikato.


I hope you add this to your peaks. "
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Re: Taupiri
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I could check this out next time im going past with some spare time


Re: Taupiri
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Yay my first forum for this site!
Yeah Taupiri is a great peak. Is only 288m high, but great views from the top.
I first did this a couple of years ago, and yes, the 2nd gateway entrance was easier. First entrance has recently been cleared however and is now an easy walk up too. Took me 12 minutes up in the dark (had other peaks to bag that night also). And yes, it's a nice view from up there then too.
This peak is recommended for the surprisingly good views considering the short walk up.
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Re: Taupiri
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If anyone knows who maintains this track - let me know.   Are there any signs etc?

Re: Taupiri
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This little peak is not too far from where I am. I'll pop back out one evening and do a bit more investigating.
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Re: Taupiri
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I popped back out there yesterday evening with the merry gerblings. The signs on the gate at the start of each track are as shown - this may help with your enquiries Jon. Or if a bit of local knowledge is required, I'm happy to make another visit out there if you wish.

This peak has spectacular 360 degree views from the trig with easy access. I've now got a GPS trail for both tracks up, elevation profile, times, more photos etc., and am happy to make this a project to do if you wish to nominate this as an official peak.
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Re: Official or Not? Decision Required:Taupiri
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Okay, Taupiri has the honour of being the first peak for our quorum to discuss.  That is, we need to decide if it should be added to the official North Island list.

To guide this decision, I think we should discuss Taupiri in relation to the guidelines we've used so far to create the original list.    Plus you're welcome to add in anything else you think of. 

I haven't walked it myself but I have one main concern - and that is if we do decide to list it, I will need to get in touch with the trustee of the mountain and let them know.  Even though it is obviously a public walking track, I like to check with the trustees/landowners before putting it on the official list, as a courtesy.  So if anyone local has access to any relevant phone numbers or email addresses, PM me with them.

Otherwise, how does it measure up against the guidelines?  Probably a no brainer...??  (And if you have any major probs with the guidelines as they stand - start another thread here in the committee room and we can discuss that first!)

 That is:

1. Accessibility

The peak must be accessible. To meet this requirement, ALL of the conditions below must be met.

    * The peak must be able to be reached without trespassing on any privately or publically owned land.

    Land which is privately or publically owned, but for which the land owner has granted blanket access rights (or has supplied an application for access/permit process) is deemed to be eligible under this rule.

    * The peak must be able to be reached without violating any special restrictions or closures put in place (permanently or temporarily), for at least a 3 month period during the year.

    Examples include closure for lambing, safety, track maintenaince, spiritual reasons.

    * The peak must be able to be reached without needing special mountaineering equipment or experience to reach the summit, at least in the summer season.

    The summit and route must not be permanently covered in snow or ice, and/or it must accessible in summer without needing crampons or ice axes for example. That is, it must be able to be reached by walkers or trampers, not mountain climbers.

    * The peak must be able to be reached without putting the 'average' hiker into unnecessary danger.

    Examples include very remote and un-travelled routes, dangerous river crossings, badly maintained tracks, or extremely high risk of volcanic activity.

[edit] 2. Physical and Cultural Guidelines

The following guidelines are used to assist in placing some form of 'value' on a peak, and to determine if it should be placed on the official New Zealand peak bagging list. Even if a peak meets the accessibility requirements above, this is not enough to automatically include it on the list, so we use these guidelines to make the list as varied and rewarding as possible.

The more 'Yes' answers to these guidelines, the more likely the peak will be added to the official list.

    * Is the summit greater than 100m above sea level?

    It is very very unlikely a summit less than 100m above sea level would be added to the list. The higher the peak, the more chance it has of being included.

    * Does the summit or journey provide rewarding views?

    * Is the summit obvious and/or contain a landmark? e.g. a trig, or cairn?

    * Is the peak easily reached on weekend trips from main population centres/transport routes?

    Peak baggers should not need to spend large amounts of money or time on reaching the walk (e.g. days and days of tramping, or helicopter rides).

    * Does the peak hold special historical, social, or cultural significance?

    That is, does the peak, or the route, hold special significance to the people of New Zealand, and/or contains significant points of interest (e.g historical building or other landmark).

    * Is the summit accessible only by foot, and not via public road?

    * Is peak a named 'mountain'?

    e.g. Peaks named 'Mt Suchandsuch' on New Zealand topo maps are more likely to be included than un-named peaks.

    * Where a peak is one of a number on a marked track, is the peak the highest (or most 'rewarding') on that track?

Re: Official or Not? Decision Required:Taupiri
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Yeah, pretty sure Taupri meets all the guidelines no problem. Although access is through a little metal road that goes through a small cemetery, going by the signs on the gates there's no problems there. If I get time tomorrow I'll try making a few phone call enquiries.
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Re: Official or Not? Decision Required:Taupiri
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The only thing I have in my mind is that it is pretty damn small hill, but it does sit up above the waikato nicely and good cultural place. im not against adding it. it would be no different to adding say tokatoka peak near dargaville (which is another we should discuss - im gonna try do it this summer)

Re: Official or Not? Decision Required:Taupiri
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Ok I finally did this peak yesterday 1pm on a stinking hot boxing day.  I took the first track which must be the rougher and steeper of the two, underneath the maori gateway similar to that guano has pictured (see below).  Took me 26 minutes to fly up and down, taking a few quick snaps at the top and I admit to a few pauses on way up to catch my breath and wipe the waterfalls of sweat off my brow.  I would advise you make the prescribed time via this route as 1hr - 1hr 15min which should account for 15 mins at the top. Ash Bash and Claire Bear were not really in the mood for another peak after doing 4 or 5 over the last week so they dawdled but still made it back in 45-50 mins with mum.

A little gorse to dance around at the start, then into the bush where there are sections with steep steps, easy to follow but reasonably rough track.  It joins a better looking track metres from the summit, turn left and the trig is right there with a table to sit and have some kai.  Many sections of the track are straight giving you good visibility of the "joyous" steep sections in front of you just as you think you must nearly be there!

Love the track. It is steep, continual up and energy sapping when you are pushing the pace!  Stunning views at the top.  You can see the hunuas to the north, mt te aroha to the east, karioi to the south west through pirongia, kakepuku, maungatautari towards south east.

There is no carpark as such on the narrow gravel road right next to the track but there is plenty of parking on the grass down opposite the graves where many folk obviously park to visit and maintain the sites.  It is then just a small walk 100m or so up the road to access the trail head.
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Re: Taupiri: Pending Approval from Trustees
« Reply #10 on: January 19, 2010, 04:01:41 AM »
Just an update.  I am attempting to make contact with the trustees of the mountain....  I'll update once I get hold of them.  Thanks to Guano for the relevant phone numbers!

Re: Taupiri: Access Issues (Non-Approved)
« Reply #11 on: April 27, 2010, 02:08:12 AM »
I've received a response from Waikato-Tainui, and they do not wish to have Taupiri Maunga listed.  This is because it is a sacred area, and would rather keep the track "low key".

Their response:

"Taupiri Maunga is a significant area for Waikato-Tainui, both for its status as the tribal mountain and historic paa-site, and also because it is the final resting place for many of our tuupuna (ancestors). Because of this, we do not  feel comfortable about the track being advertised on your site. This does not inhibit the ability of the public to use the track provided they get the appropriate permissions to do so (note that the track crosses private lands). However, we wish to minimise the potential risks associated with increased public usage of the track (e.g. track users entering the urupa and subsequent impacts on the graves), and feel that keeping it 'low-key'  is the most appropriate means to do this, at this stage."

I appreciate this may cause some disappointment, but I ask that we respect the landowner's wishes. The last thing I want is to cause the closure of existing tracks due to getting offside with the trustees of the land.

Please note the line in bold above. You can still walk the track, they just don't want the extra exposure having it on the official list may bring.

Thanks to Guano and Vino for their efforts in researching Taupiri.
Cheers, Jon
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