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Tongariro summit
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being paraboid about having a car broken into at the mangetepopo carpark, we stripped the car of everything, and left the glove box open.  We stopped short of leaving the windows open, but did consider it.  We needn't have worried, as when we got back there was about 100 cars there, so you'd have to be pretty unlucky - though it was New years Eve, at quieter times it mihgt be a bit riskier.

The new Devil's Staircase makes things a little easier, but it's still up enough to get you puffing!  Then up to the south crater, which i think is my favourite part of the Tongariro crossing - most people would choose the lakes higher up, but South Crater is a such a wonderfully flat expanse in the middle of such rugged landscape.  And with Ngauruhoe and Tongariro watching over it, South Crater is just damn cool.  Oh, and it's flat, did I mention that.  For a peak bagger, I actually quite like walking on flat surfaces...  go figure.  especially after something like the Devils Staircase

Anyway, it was damn cold further up - one of those winds that just slices you open.  The mist kept rolling in and out, but we had enough glimpses of the views from Tongariro summit to make it all worth while.