Author Topic: Mt Pirongia Summit via Ruapane and Tirohanga ex Corcorran Rd  (Read 3040 times)

May 2008

Ignoring a dodgy met service forecast we headed early to Pirongia as we have noticed met Service seems to be best case.  Our stupidity was rewarded by no rain and rapidly clearing skies.

Climbing from the end of Corcorran Rd (200m asl) to Ruapane trig (723m asl) was not too bad and took 45 minutes, with a few steep sections but mostly the track was good.

After a rest and soup at the trig we headed off hit almost straight away by some cool chain sections up and down rocky outcrops.  Then along a ridge in bush and up to Tirohanga the next rocky peak. We climbed this peak on the way back, but was a bit wet early morning and slippery.

Decended down steeply around the side of this impressive outcrop into the bush again we climbed steadily up another face siddling another peak before dropping once more to climb the final ridge to the summit.  Board walks near the end are a break from the very poor root ridden and wet tracks which we faced basically all the way from Ruapane.  It took us 2 hours 45 minutes to get to the top.  The summit now has a tall laddered viewing tower offering great views, but it is very exposed and cold up there!!

Retracing our steps we stopped to scramble to the summit Tirohanga for some more great views before heading off again breaking at Ruapane and decending to the carpark for a round trip of 6 hours 15 minutes.  Friends of ours did the trip an hour quicker the week before and i can see with drier conditions, no detours and short breaks you could do this hike in under 5 hours.

I will try to work out how to post photos
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