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First big bag of 2009
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Holdsworth was our first 'big bag' of 2009.  Having checked the weather endlessly for about 3 months  ;D, we finally found the perfect day to go up Holdsworth, with no cloud and no wind.  We got up at 5am so that we could do the 1 hour drive to Masterton and start going up the track before the heat of the day set in.  Unfortunately we didn't realise the the Jumbo-Holdsworth running challenge was also on that day and there were a million and one runners waiting to start their race.  No worries - we just hung on for an extra 3/4 hour and let them go first (we eventually started at 8.30 am).

As predicted the weather was perfect, and there was no wind, so it was a hot tramp to the top.  Gentle Annie Track had been re-surfaced, so it was primo to walk on.  It's a pretty easy hike to the junction with Totara Flat and on to Mountain Shelter.  From Mountain Shelter it was a hard slog up, with lots of stops, and clambering over sections of tree roots.  Of course we were just being polite and stopping for the runners...  ;D

We were starving, so had to stop just before Powell Hut for a quick snack, then on to the hut for a bit of real lunch.  Watched the last few runners come through, then headed on and up to the top of Holdsworth.  The top was absolutely brilliant.  No wind and amazing views in all directions.  Stinking hot though!!

Then it was back down the way we came, to return to the carpark (filling our water bottle at Powell Hut on the way).  In all it took us 9 hours to do the return trip (the runners did the full Jumbo-Holdsworth Circuit by lunchtime - ye gods!).  We certainly earned our Pizza and beer back in Wellington that evening!

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