Author Topic: Bagged Rangitoto twice in 2001  (Read 1714 times)

Bagged Rangitoto twice in 2001
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Rangitoto is just aweeeeesome!  I love the desolate feel to it, with the blackened lava fields and the regenerating bush.  Because its a gently sloping volcano it's not too hard to climb up, although you definitely have to allow a couple of hours for the return trip.  Make sure you have solid footware as the lava is pretty tough on shoes (no jandals!).  At the top there is a viewing platform so you can see views of Auckland.  You can also look into the crater, and along the way there are lava caves you can stop and look at (bring a torch).

Auckland can get pretty hot, so when we finished out walk there in early 2001, we took a dip in the sea off the wharf (in our clothes cause we didn't have any togs  ;D).