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Cool island, scary boat ride!
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We bagged the peak on Kapiti Island just before Christmas 2007.  You have to take a boat ride out to the island and it was a little choppy the day we went!  Not so much fun, but at least its only a 15 minute trip.  There are lots of really friendly native birds on the island that fly down really close.  We saw a Takahe amongst others... 

There's a steep way to the top and a gentler way - so we took the steep way up and the gentle way down.  Both were pretty walkable tracks.  At the top there's a great lookout, with views of the island and mainland on one side and the other side dropping steeply away to the sea.

Once we were down from the top we had some time to relax on the beach and enjoy the sunshine while we waited for the boat to come and pick our group up.