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Bream Head - Bagged 31/01/09
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After the experience with the crazy towers on Manaia, and the similar scary things I have read about the summit tower on Bream Head I didn't like my chances of getting to the very top.

However these fears were unfounded.  The tower at the top of Bream Head is very possible and not fraught with the same clear and present dangers as found at Manaia.  I found it reasonably easy and the views at the top are stunning even eclipsing Manaia.

To find the track, drive to ocean beach and walk along the beach towards the heads on the sand. Soon you will see a sandy track climbing up the headland. Follow this and soon poles and the route will become very clear.  Half of the track is over grass land. It is steady and today it was swelteringly hot. Again it is quite a steep climb though well formed.  Into the bush it gets rougher and steeper but nothing out of the ordinary. In fact it reminded me of the Twin peaks track in the Waitakere Ranges.  Where you reach the top of the ridge there is a lookout just above where the track to Mt Lion and the track to Bream Head split.  From this lookout you can see the tower of Bream head to one side and the sheer Black thumb to the other.

A couple of minutes sees you at the tower of Bream Head. There is some scrambling to do, but the hand holds and foot holds are many and getting to the top is pretty easy.  There isnít really the obvious abyss like drop offs as on Manaia anyway and you get the feeling if you slipped you may even live to tell the tale.  Great photos.  Return trip in 2 hours 40 minutes from Carpark.
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