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I did this on sunday, also the Moumoukai Hill Road route, though having also cycled from Auckland (well Cockle Bay) it made for a long day!  I then cycled to where the track departs from the Mine Road.  At first the track is very easy going, indeed was tempted to have taken the bike further!  The latter bit was quite muddy though, so I can imagine other routes being much longer.

It's not a great hill for views, the best being on the forest roads.  I went to the Kohukohunti 2 trig (marked at 688m on my map) above the shelter, but from the top the other hill K1 looked higher!  Hopefully that doesn't mean another trip is due to confirm that.

It's worth noting, that a mtn bike certainly makes the route that much quicker - from the Moumoukia Hill Road carpark, there's no need to cycle from Auckland!   I wonder if there are other hills that benefit from a cycle in, in Scotland there are many munros which benefit from a biking in rather than a much longer walk in. 

I've taken the bike onto the top of 2 munros, one of which the last couple of hundred metres of height was a carry, but the other was cycleable to the top (with the odd push/carry) on the steeper sections.  Snowdon in Wales, it certainly worth doing on the mtn bike has there are several bridleways to the top, and likewise Helvellyn in England.