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last summer we climbed at the beginning of March up the Turoa side, it was the second consecutive sunny day (we did Ngauruhoe the day before) The purpose of the Turoa climb was primarily to check on our "investment" - the new express lift installation paid for by the life passes sold by RAL.

ok so we got to the top of the High Noon, which was our goal for the day, and my walking buddy decided to see how high he could go. Well quite frankly my legs were shot from the day before so I stayed where I was.

His first approach was to climb the finger of rock in front of us and then attack the remaining snow. He then met a climber coming down who suggested he would need crampons and guided him over to the ridge cutting sketchy steps for my friend in the snow. (depending on the snow at the time you go up, you may need to cross snow to get to the ridge or cross over to the ridge line lower down near the giant cafe. We had to cross snow from where we were, as we were already quite high up where the lift line ended) My friend then ascended the ridgeline till he hit snow just beneath the summit ridge but then turned back as sticking to the ridge line was becoming rather steep, and a short skip across the snow for an easier line required crampons on that day, plus - the cloud was starting to roll in.

Basically we weren't prepared for anything other than an easy stroll for the day, had slept late, it was later in the day, we were hurting from the day before (sunburn/sore muscles) and a hit for the summit was not our aim. I believe the climb is quite do-able without the technical equipment as you say. (My brother has done it.) However, unless someone has been up just before you and can report on the conditions it might pay to take the old crampons just in case? Be prepared as they say...

Things that could effect the snow at the top are obviously, residual winter snow cover, any summer snowfalls, any recent rain, wind across the snow/ice.

Here's some pics from summer (will post about a winter climb seperately)
So the first pic shows the snow coverage, and the finger of rock to the left which I mentioned. Ridgeline to the right. The next two pics are Tim's pics he took near the top.

PS: I'd be interested to hear more from others that have climbed it in summer  :)
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Hi Snowchick

I bit hard to work too much out.  A couple of questions.

1. What time of the year was this taken???  I was thinking late march for a look myself.  The mountain looked very barren this summer though I just didnt get off me butt and go...was tempted easter weekend.

2. Is that the summit in the middle of your second shot?


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1. 11 march 2007 - it was reasonably bare, the next time we went up to check "the investment" progress it was Easter on 9/4/07. Although it was much colder and icier, the snowline had retreated to a higher level

2. Apologies!!! Upon consulting a map, I will post another picture. My friends pic of the top is not the "top" top, but totally baggable in my book. That pic was  eastward along the summit ridgeline. The Summit is westward.

Forgive me, but this is a winter pic... but you should get the idea... where Tahurangi is.
---> PS:I have also posted a good old trail map from RAL which notes it.
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so - summit shows in my first shot, left of the middle of the picture. and the third shot, Tahurangi is upper right hand corner.

hope that helps. I know more of the Turoa side in winter than summer. But yet to do Whakapapa side in winter even though I have done it a few times in summer...

I look at the Turoa face so much in winter, that it can be hard to explain!
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Hey thanks snowchick.

Looks obtainable, and i know it is as ive seen reports from those who have done it. perhaps I could just invest in crampons to take the maybe out of things - expensive though for something id hardly use.

I might just wait till the height of summer 2009 and give it a go. if i make it i make it. if i bump into unpassable blue ice i will turn back

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sounds like a good strategy :)

Looking forward to doing it again this winter, if the lake isn't excessively boiling away when we wanna do it that it is!

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Did the winter trip! Wooo hoooo! Saturday 20 September 08

We set off from the top of the High Noon Chair, and boot packed it straight up Gliding Gladys to the summit-ish. Gliding Gladys is the open face just west of the skyline ridge. (We stood just immediately below Tahurangi in the 2nd spot I arrowed in a previous post. Tahurangi itself was just a bit too icy in snowboard boots.)

It was a very warm and sunny day, and it had snowed the day before, so the hike was relatively easy going (My lungs disagree!) in soft snow following others footprints. Took us 1 hour and 10 mins up. The snow conditions were so good that rather than descend straight back down the way we came to Turoa ski field, we dropped over into the crater but veering towards Paretetaitonga Peak. We stopped snowboarding as the terrain flattened off, and hiked again to the point of our descent down the Mangaturuturu Glacier and snowboarded back to Turoa.

While lunching at the top we met a skier, who had come up from Whakapapa ealier in the morning, skinned and skied over to Turoa, then hiked back up Turoa, was going to ski over towards (but not all the way to Tukino) then skin back up and ski back down Whakapapa. Whew! the Dude looked 50, but must have had quads of steel!!

Below are some pics. Hoping to hike up Whakapapa side soon. If not in winter, to the Dome Summit in summer. Time to get my summer walking legs on!

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