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Wiki Page To Do: Kaitarakihi - Coromandel Ranges
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We knocked this off yesterday as final preperation for Hikurangi this coming weekend.

It is a good walk with a fun steep scramble up the last 30 minutes of track to the 852m summit.  Although the the top doesnít offer 360o views there is still pretty good views to the south and west. This is one of coromandel's very tallest peaks and is 100m taller than the pinnacles which sit just to the north. It is also very prominant; its sharks tooth shaped frame is clearly visible from the hauraki plains and other peaks to the north and south.

The easiest approach starts at approx 440m asl at the saddle of SH25a (Thames-Tairua).  There is a car park on the south side of the road, you then carefully cross the highway to the other side. Keep a close lookout as its easy to fly past and not so easy to turn around!! The track starts off with a good moderate climb before undulating for about 45 minutes through some pretty bush ridges. The canopy breaks every now and then offering views of the towering summit. 

It all finishes with some very steep track/ scrambling assisted in on place by a fun chain section.  We had four young ones in tow so the return trip took us 5 hours 20 minutes (including 45 mins at the top) but my impression is that hammer down this could be done in 4 hours no problem.  The kids did very well not being scared of heights but my impression is in general not such a kid friendly track. No prams or wheelchair access  ;D

Being a very prominent peak and it is very exposed to the southerly winds raked vegetation is testament. Even on this fine day it was quite blustery on the final slopes. Most of the track is reasonably rough with plenty of roots to require your concentration.  There is also a side trip about 45 mins into (or from the end of) the hike to a big kauri tree which we didnít take in the end being merciful to the children.
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Re: Suggested Addition: Kaitarakihi - Coromandel Ranges
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This looks great Vino.  I love those rocky volcanic Coromandel summits

When I saw the Hihi Trig sign I looked that one up too.....  that seems like it's accessible from the Kaueranga Valley - you been up to Hihi trig?

Strange, we've spent a bit time in the Kaueranga Valley, and Hihi Trig doesn't ring any bells.  I wonder if the track marked from Billygoat Track on the topo maps is still accessible.  Obviously it is by continuing on from the SH25 track in any case.

I can feel a new version of the North Island list coming on....  just to put the finishing touches on our new feature to keep track of the peaks you've bagged.

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Never been any further (you gotta remember im super keen but only been playing this game for a year).  ;D However we have a friend with free weekend accomodation in Thames till August which no doubt we will be taking advantage of over the coming months

After Kaitarakihi 852m asl there is another summit Motutapere which is 829m asl. I think Hihi is the next one which i believe is shorter still.  From what i have read and heard it is a bit rough, vague and more of a route than a track, definitely for the well equipped and experienced.

Just before Motutapere the route curls off down the Hihi stream joining procedings near the billy goat track where you can head in to the Kauaeranga valley.

Oh hang on here is a quote from the spot x book I have "From Kaitarakihi summit...the trail slides along a ridge until reaching the headwaters of the hihi stream and returning to the Kaureranga valley. it is also possible to carry on from kaitarakihi along the main ridge as far as hihi (718m) before turning west and joining the billy goat circuit trails"

I also met a guy from the Tauranga tramping club who had done a bit of walking in the area. Apparently there is a route to an excellent kauri grove up past hihi but it is pretty narley and not for the faint hearted. In fact he told me he isnt bad with exposure and heights but even he turned back it was so dodgy

Another one I would like to have a look at is Mt Rowe (795m) which sits as a shoulder ot the now closed and impressive Table mountain (846m pictured above as the flat topped peak).  Speaking to the park ranger at the pinnacles hut, it is still possible still to find your way up table mountain if you know what you are doing and are keen on sometimes waist deep mud. Can't say i fall into either category yet.

However in the end you can't list every peak in every range and I guess Kaitarakihi is the dominant peak in the area, fun to climb and reasonable track.  Id suggest it is the best of the peaks in the immediate area to recognise on the list??

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Re: Suggested Addition: Kaitarakihi - Coromandel Ranges
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It is quite possible to avoid the waste deep mud on table mountain.  My best man made it most of the way without mud getting above his boots by using the trees.  Knee deep mud in places is pretty much unavoidable.  Great place to take a girlfirend on her first tramping experience...

I've been over Hihi a few times & overnighted there on my first trip (6 girls, 6 guys).  In the early 90's judging by the logbook, it was mainly the Navy that sent people over, we made some choice comments.  We slept under a tarp strung up beside the radio beacon & 4 in a small tent.  There is basically no flat ground there & it's wet.  Most of the track is pretty muddy (not as bad as table mountain) from Billy Goat, the track to Broken Hills is pretty good, as is the track to Kaitarakihi.  I wouldn't say these tracks are vague, they can be very well beaten depending on how well used they've been in more recent times, although that can make the mud worse.  Topo map (with the tracks marked...) is sufficient.

I'd forgotten about the chains, at the time they reminded me of the old telephone cables on great barrier, also another track between Napier & Taupo that I can remember the detail of (there were hot springs & a "spa pool" in a river valley)

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I have managed to photocopy a section of a first edition (1970) topo map of the thames area which I saw lying on the table at a friend of a friends place

Anyway it has quite a number of tracks to the north west of Kauaeranga valley which no longer are marked on current maps including the track over table mountain (which did not traverse over the summit proper).  Apparently the west exit from the mountain used to involve chains which have now been removed so that part may be a "no no" but from the north east route it could be worth a look with a map/ compass and gps.

Nothing like a bit of mud!

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I've seen the table mountain summit proper marked in different places on different maps. 
Have you posted a copy of the map anywhere?
There were no chains necessary on the track I used bewteen the western side of table mountain & valley road.  I only recall a moderate grade.
Some friends may have discovered the chained route while heading from the east, although I think they were more likely just off track & bush bashing all the way down.

Re: Suggested Addition: Kaitarakihi - Coromandel Ranges
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No, havent got a scanner but will if i ever get the opportunity. sometime over the next month i will get down there for an explore

Re: Decision Required: Kaitarakihi - Coromandel Ranges
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Yeah this is a fun peak to bag, although I agree the views are a little disappointing. There is a handy natural viewing platform though (a tree) tucked in behind the DOC logbook.
The peak is quite prominant from all around the Hauraki - especially when driving from Auckland towards Thames when it's straight in front of you, taunting you... The steep scramble up to the summit is most enjoyable with some great views and exposure to match.
Not 100% sure about adorning official status on this one. No trig, and you have to work to get the views. They are there though (and certainly on the exposed climb up near the summit which in itself is worth the walk!). Maybe I'm just being picky. Yeah, OK, I guess it's a goer from me - I have placed a geocache up there after all  ;D
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Re: Decision Required: Kaitarakihi - Coromandel Ranges
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no trig but a good sign marker at top and although there are no easy views to north or east really there is very good views to the south and west. The final approach to the summit is very exciting, cool exposure and a satisfying finish after a slog through the bush.

a lovely prominant peak

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From Kaitarakihi the track continues north to Motutapere & Hihi.
Yes you can use the Billy Goat Track to get to Hihi.
If anybody wanted to go from Kauaeranga Valley to Broken Hills, there is a track down from Hihi which follows the ridge with the black dashed lines denoting the boundry of the Motutapere ecological area on the attached map. 
~6 years ago there were large DOC track signs at the junction of Motutapere-Hihi-Broken Hills tracks.

Attached map also shows the Table Mountain track.  ~13 years ago it was quite easy to find the western end, just walk up the ridge, and cross from that side. 

Re: Decision Required: Kaitarakihi - Coromandel Ranges
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Okay, I have created a blank wiki page at

You can click the edit link at the bottom of the page, and see if you can make any sense of the instructions I've left.....    it's a little cluttered for a user generated web form in this day and a ge, but I'd appreciate your thoughts.  The way this site has evolved has led to this wiki page structure...

Anyway, have a go at adding info to the page, and we'll see how it works out... any questions ask them here....

Re: Decision Required: Kaitarakihi - Coromandel Ranges
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I don't see an "edit" link at the bottom of the page????  ???

Re: Decision Required: Kaitarakihi - Coromandel Ranges
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you might want to start with the general details section which is admin views of the clarance river may be an exaggeration. Like its high but not that high  ;D