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Castle Rock
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How about adding Castle Rock on the Coromandel?  OK it's not far off the 309 gravel road and nearer still from the currently closed Castle Rock Road, but it's a very prominent landmark and there are great views from the top.

I did it over the xmas hols, cycling to it from the eastern Whitianga side, it's only a short hike, with just a short scramble to the top, but some steep cliffs on the northern side which I'd think ought to be popular with climbers.

As I say not high, but like say Suilven and Stac Polly in Scotland very prominent.  That said the view from the latter are incomparable really.
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Re: Castle Rock
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looks good lloydy....  how is it to find your way?  is it a marked track,   or an obvious route?

mmm just found this on the web:

"Castle Rock.

Castle Rock is an old volcano core that rises above the bush, on the "backbone" of the peninsula. To climb it you leave the 309 road just before you get to Waiau Waterworks, and drive 2 km up through the pine forest. There you set off on foot up a clay road, and then a walking track in the native bush. Some places can be a bit muddy after rain. The last few metres is a scramble up, holding onto bits of tree root and rocks to the top. There is a panoramic view that makes it well worth the effort! The walk takes about 3/4 of an hour up, and 1/2 an hour down. No problems for any fit adult, or child older than about 3 or 4. Allow two hours altogether, and wear appropriate footwear. "

Thanks to

sounds like a goer. will get on it

Re: Castle Rock
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Hi Jon,
Yes, that description is pretty accurate, the pine forest described as actually been cut down recently so enhances the view somewhat on ascending Castle Rock Road itself leaving the main 309 road. 

It's fairly easy to find, it's signposted initially on another forest road on the right (if coming from the 309 side - as I say above the other side is currently closed) and it then leaves this road on an obvious path through the bush.

Re: Castle Rock
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OmaGosh and I did this one yesterday. Very prominant and imposing looking peak - especially from the eastern side. We found the forestry road gates were open, so we could just about drive right up there. Otherwise it would have been a few kilometres of hiking up hot and dusty gravel roads to the carpark. The carpark is on your RHS about 100m before the start of the track on your left.
Just after you start, the track splits into two through the grass. Take the left one as we did (it heads in the obvious direction). We met some people later who took the other one and had to turn back.
About a 20 minute walk up through nice shady bush which gradually steepens. You reach a saddle near the top - go left here for one summit, or right for the other. Only a few minutes walk between them and both well worth doing. There's a short rocky scramble near the top, but is simple and straight forward.
No trig, but fantastic views over both sides of the peninsula.
I would give this one a big tick. It's not a long hike, but it is such a landmark peak with such wonderful views that it is another must do. I've heard rumours about some rock climbing around here, and the beautiful rock with sheer drops certainly had me drooling. Even spotted a line of bolts up one of the obvious faces - must come back with some gear next time!

I'll add this to the list of Tokatoka, Paritutu, Maratoto and Maungaraho as must do prominant rocks. Although they're not very big, the views are outstanding and, well, they're just so much damn fun!
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