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Climbed the Mount at Christmas
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At Christmas, while we were staying with family, we managed to get off our butts and climb Mount Maunganui.  Jeepers it was busy though!  Every man and his dog was climbing the Mount the day we went up (probably working off their Christmas feasting  ;) ).  We were warned by our friends that it would be busy at 9am and they were right.  We had to park quite a way down the beach because there were so many vehicles there aleady.  I guess that's what you get with it being Christmas holidays and summer though.

As Vinodrinker says - its a pretty easy climb and you can't get lost getting to the top.  There are two ways to get up: a steeper way with more steps, and a gentle way up a gravel path.  We went up the steep way and down the gravel path, sweating all the way because it was so sunny and hot.  There is a great - almost 360 degree - view from the top.  It took us about 1.5 hours to do the return walk, although we were probably ambling.

After returning to the bottom we treated ourselves to brunch at one of the nearby cafes...yum!
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