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Bagged Tongariro!
« on: January 15, 2009, 01:54:49 PM »
Yay, we bagged Tongariro on New Years eve 2008 (no party for us we were sleeping well after that!).

The day was a bit marginal, with 40km/hr winds forecast and some cloudy periods, but the weather held out okay - enough for us to get to the top of Tongariro and get some views.

We went up via the Mangetepopo Valley and back the same way.  I was really surprised to see how much the track had been upgraded...lots of boardwalks accross the valley and actual steps and gravel up the Devil's Staircase.  It sure made things a bit easier going!  Some people would say it distracts from the naturalness, but when you've got millions of tourists hiking over it every day what can you do...  I don't mind the convenience personally  ;D

Got some good views of Blue and Emerald lakes, and my personal favorite - the steaming hole of Red Crater (I could look at that all day  :D).

I would describe the walk to the top of Tongariro as pretty easy over all...of course there is plenty of upwards walking, but the gradient is not too bad.  Ngauruhoe on the other hand looked a bit scary! (Another day for that one...)
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Re: Bagged Tongariro!
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wow you are all wrapped up. i was lucky in a way - i stupidly left a lot of my winter gear at home so had no gloves (figured if worst came to worst i could use my spare socks) and no woolen hat.

however more prepared than the asians in jeans and street shoes carrying 1.5L drinks in their hands as no packs  :o

Re: Bagged Tongariro!
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It's still on my to do list, after doing the Northern Tongariro circuit (clockwise) from Whakapapa over 3 days starting New Years Day.  Indeed went over the crossing New Years Day but the winds were wild and the cloud low, so little point in heading there. 

It did clear in the evening for some great views at Ketetahi hut, as it did the next day after pretty relentless rain at Waihohonu hut.  The third day was worse still equally as windy and driving heavy rain, the footpath became a stream.  Still a good time & an excuse to go back.

Re: Bagged Tongariro!
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yeah it was a bloody freezing wind.  dunno how all the tourists were feeling, but I was toasty