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Kohukohunui, Pukapuka and Mangatangi
« on: December 10, 2008, 03:40:44 PM »
Marcus and I took the prescribed route to Kohukohunui trig ex Momaukau hill road then down the upper Mangatauwhari track to Ernies Track. Then onto Liburne Rd onto Pukapuka track to bush clad summit of Pukapuka (which is only marked by ribbons on trees), down the other side then continuing across to climb onto Mangatangi summit and trig.  Then down the other side onto Vinings track exiting at the Vininings trail Head on Kaiaua Road. Basically this involved entering the Hunua Ranges at the northern most trail head and exiting at the most southern detouring to kohukohunui Trig on the way (a sick route Bacchus and I dreamed up the week before)

Taking our time this took us 12 hours almost to the minute to complete the <> 35km. A long slog on a perfect day.  I am thinking reverse would be tougher, perhaps we will try soon.
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Re: Kohukohunui, Pukapuka and Mangatangi
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Man this trip was MADNESS! Fun though... in hindsight  :P. And Jon, what Vinodrinkers lovely photos don't show is the rather excellent, ice-cold, dripping beers at the end. :D Did I mention ICE-cold?

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yes nothing like being picked up at the end of a hike with a cooler bag full of ice and beer  ;D

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Here is a slight variation me and bacchus did a couple of weeks ago starting at vinings, ending in the township of hunua and including the steep and slow mine road track. 13.5 hours work! <> 45km - just a little day hike!

pink line  :o :o