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mt hikurangi-sep 2008
« on: October 10, 2008, 09:31:02 AM »
initially dry track  then experienced rain, hail, blusterywinds extreme sun and a little snow drift on the way up.

5 inexperienced women aged 34-57.tramped from base to hut 4 1/2 hrs.overnight then attempted to summit about 10am mon(29th) got a bit confused about 1/3 way up chute cos theres no visible markers at the bottom. didnt know if we were going the right way.Im told we were about 20min from summit
!!!  one climber got the jitters and we all made decision to turn back. blustery winds here, steep scramble.

really --i mean really ---blowing on the way back to base

oh well this was a practise run for me taking family up next year (50th) heaps of fun Im hooked looking for next peak.

Re: mt hikurangi-sep 2008
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Thanks Jenny

looks an awesome climb. hoping to get razor fit and do this peak in one day. would be a very long day but possible. im thinking feb 2009 for my shot at it.

any info + photos appreciated from anyone who has completed this climb!!

as with any climb of this nature good weather is a must! the only issue with this peak is it is so remote, really takes some resource and planning to knock it off