Author Topic: Banks Peninsula bags - Mt Herbert & Mt Bradley Pt2  (Read 1453 times)

Banks Peninsula bags - Mt Herbert & Mt Bradley Pt2
« on: January 26, 2017, 04:29:39 PM »
After bagging Mt Herbert i set my sights on Mt Bradley not exactly sure how to get to the top, or even if I could. Decided that I allowed for plenty of time to give it a good go anyway so pushed on past the shelter and followed the track. From the harbour side all you can see is the bluffs which does not give it a very baggable look, but from looking at the topo map it looked like if there was going to be any chance of getting to the top then i would have to follow the track past the back of Mt Bradley and cross my fingers. Just before you almost get past Mt Bradley all of a sudden a river of grass snakes through the gorse and offers a path to the top (Note this is off the main track and there is no obvious sign that a side track starts there, it just happened to be the only bit of the hill where the gorse was not an impenetrable wall). Faint signs of a track (animal, human?) leads up to the flat top and then another faint track leads to the summit proper. No trig here either, but I decided that a biggish boulder would suffice as my marker (to be safe my GPS made sure I did find the highest point). From here its just a straight reverse to Mt Herbert (bypass the summit) and back down to the harbour, Forget the beach and lower section of the track and follow the second paved road (not the first one you cross!, the one after that) to grab a cool drink from the cafe before grabbing a ferry back.