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Mt Bradley from Mt Herbert
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After bagging Mt Herbert from Purau Port Levy Rd (see trip report for that), OmaGosh and I continued on to Mt Bradley. It didn't look very far from here after all, and it appeared to be a straight forward route along the ridgeline with the promise of a bit of rock scrambling to boot!
After dropping down towards the saddle between the peaks, you reach a nice shelter from which you can also top up your water bottle out the back.
The views actually get better as you drop down a little further, but by the time you start climbing up again, the ridgeline is disappointedly completely cut off by thick gorse. You need to cross the fenceline and follow the obvious track on the LHSide of the ridge. I was concerned about following this track too far, as according to the topo, this track led downwards (not want we wanted!). However after following it for a while, contrary to what was depicted on the map it actually remained quite level. Once we had passed below the summit of Bradley with no sign of the track going up towards it, I waited until there was a clear line apparent through the gorse and then we climbed directly up through the grass to the summit ridge before turning right, weaving through the maze of gorse before finally reaching the cairn which marked the summit.
The views from this peak were good, but not as good as from Herbert. With the abundant gorse around this peak and no trig it wasn't quite as satisfying either. But then, I guess we'd just been spoilt with the previous bag. It took us almost 2 hours to get here from the summit of Mt Herbert - a lot longer than I anticipated.
We returned the same way, clocking up a total distance for the day of 19km in a long 8 hour day.
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