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Mt Hobson direct
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When an old friend who had moved over to Gt Barrier asked me again recently to come and visit, with a peak to bag there I now had the additional motivation to go and do it after all these years.

The 4.5 hour ride over on the barge with Sealink took twice as long as if I went with Fullers, and a lot longer than the 30 mins by flying. However I was rewarded with seeing 4 whales on the way over. And even after everyone told me how lucky I was to see that, I saw another 2 whales on the return trip, plus two pods of dolphins - the second pod numbered 10 or 11 and played in the bow wave for ages. Only wish Iíd brought the kids with me!

The boat brought me to the southern end of the island at Tryphena, which is where I stayed for a couple of nights. A gorgeous little cluster of houses scattered about the hills overlooking the beautiful beaches, complete with a lovely cafe with great food and coffee - what more could you ask?

I got excited shortly after I arrived when I spotted a kaka in a tree nearby. Only to be awoken the next morning by their rowdy squawks as they flew around like seagulls - they are everywhere!

A stunningly beautiful island. Windy narrow roads up above the numerous pretty bays and rugged beaches through the pohutakawas and manuka - all so unspoilt and tropical looking. Hard to believe this is NZ, and not some exotic tropical paradise.

My friend drove me up to the Aotea Rd start of the track the next day at Windy Canyon. We took the shortest route up, as this was the closest start to where I was staying. Wonderful jagged rocky scenery on the way up. The bush was low lying and didnít provide a lot of shade, so it was a hot walk up in the heat of the day. The wide, well worn and dry track is in great condition with numerous new boardwalks and stairs - a real superhighway with no difficulties at all.

The summit is not on the main track that carries on over the other side - you turn left up some more stairs and reach the top just a few minutes later. It only took us about an hour up and we were rewarded with breathtaking 360 degree views from the trig at the summit. You could look out over the entire island with clear views out over the nearby Coromandel Peninsula and Little Barrier, and further all the way out to Rangitoto and all the way up the north mainland. Port Fitzroy looked lovely down below - only wish I had time to visit here.

This peak is a must do. The views from the trig must be one of the most spectacular to be found anywhere in the north island. But itís the whole boat trip and island experience which enriches this whole experience much, much more. Next time Iíll bring the family and spend some more time looking around properly. Iím keen to check out some of the other numerous tracks, take in some more spectacular scenery, do a recce on some cool looking potential rock climbing crags, and just soak up the wonderfully relaxed atmosphere - I love this place!
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