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Mt Mania - Bagged 31/01/2009
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Well I am putting myself down as bagging this peak. It took us 2 hours with a good chunk of time carefully exploring the top.  It is a steep track and definitely tests the aerobic fitness if keeping a good pace.

There is a lot of dodgy and out of date info regarding this on the internet so let put a few things straight

1.   The alternative short, steep “closed” track is closed by DOC but it is totally passable and in no worse condition than half the Hunua Ranges or Waitakere ranges tracks. There is nothing scary or unsafe here. We took this route down after talking to a regular. It is a lot shorter
2.   The top lookout is the farthest  place you are “allowed” to go (note the sign below).  We however did ignore the sign to have a look further on to determine whether a trig summit was possible (it didn’t look too bad on the way up from some angles, from others it looks impossible). The trig summit is on top of a rock tower and is extremely tricky to get to and after scouting I would actually call it dangerous. You are literally taking your life in your hands. The route is unclear but some well worn sections provide clues.

Talking to a regular up there he said there used to be wires and chains to the summit which have long been removed.  He did say it is possible to reach the summit two ways.  One of which I explored but decided not to chance it as part passed a narrow step. The drop to the right would mean the penalty for error would make it the last mistake you ever made. It would be certain death. It falls straight down for God knows how far.  If you are agile and fearless you could give it a go but the whole route looks more of a rock climb. With chains or wires I probably would have tried it. Although there were a lot of people on the Manaia track no one went past the lookout.

The other side of the tower looks a better gradient but to get up to that scramble grade as far as I could see required expose steep rock face climbing. I just couldn’t see a way up even though I did bush bash a bit to find one.  I would like to explore more because from a distance from some angles it looks possible but not today.

However Jon I would advise you make the lookout which sits on a shorter pinnacle (2 before the summit) as the bagging destination even aside from the wishes of the gatekeepers.