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Te Toiokawharu with OmaGosh
« on: March 31, 2018, 02:04:56 PM »
OmaGosh & I went up to Auckland for a geocaching event, so we decided to bag this one to make the trip worthwhile. It turns out that in the end our new priorities were realised - after spending hours in the Waitaks doing this one, we only had time to pop in to see everyone at the event for a few minutes afterwards before heading back home.

We took the direct route up the Twin Peaks from Huia. The track up to Tom Thumb kauri was quite good. And what an impressive tree it is too! OmaGosh found a cute notice that was etched into the handrail nearby (see photo).

The track from there got a little muddier, but not too bad - certainly not the mudfest I was anticipating. I would imagine a walk up here on a wet day in the winter could be good training for Table Top (aka The World's Worst Tramp) though.

'Peak' number one no problem before going down (aargghh!!) before going up to 'peak' number two. Honestly, how on earth can you call these peaks?? The only way you would know you're at the final destination is because there's a sign telling you so. No trig, no peak, no views. I'd say this is the Auckland equivalent of the Hakarimatas here in the Waikato. Or alternatively, you could say this is the Waitakere equivalent of Pukapuka in the Hunuas. An official peak?? Maybe if you're an Aucklander  ;D

There was a view part way up earlier on however, the tree was pretty cool, and the fact that there was a geocache waiting at the end made it a decent walk never-the-less. A round trip of 4.5 hours
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