Author Topic: GuanoGerbils meets some chicks on Kapiti  (Read 1990 times)

GuanoGerbils meets some chicks on Kapiti
« on: January 07, 2015, 04:16:26 PM »
OmaGosh and I weren't too sure about going over here at first, but it was just so awesome! You can hear the birdsong even before you arrive on the island. Walking through the bush is amazing listening to all the song about you, with birds flitting past constantly. To think this is how it used to be. How it should be! We saw saddlebacks, stitchbirds, bellbirds, robins and countless tuis. OmaGosh certainly saw a kaka up close and personal after it landed on his shoulder and tried to eat his lunch. But the highlight would have to be the privilege of seeing not only 3 x takahe, but a little chick as well. Very, very awesome. A much recommended place to come.
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