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Banks Peninsula bags - Mt Herbert & Mt Bradley
« on: January 26, 2017, 04:10:51 PM »
Planned this one 2 weeks out so I was very dismayed when the "weather bomb" decided to try and ruin things, but Canterbury turned it on for me and I had a near perfect day for the peaks. Drove to Lyttleton from CHC and parked up before walking the rest of the way to the Ferry (cross the pedestrian crossing next to the bridge and just follow the painted footsteps). About $12 will get you a return trip over to Diamond harbour with Black Cat cruises (TAKE CASH!!!!, they do not have eftpos, there is a reminder painted on the footpath and its on their website so no excuses really). Ferry sailings also occur about 10 mins so you don't wait long. From the ferry landing it is a short walk up a paved road and then you can choose to take a short route past the water or alternatively you can keep going up the road and just join the track where the beach section finishes. Be careful if choosing the beach section as the turnoff that leads to the summit is not super obvious. The first part of the track is through bush and a little bit overgrown, but eventually it leads to farm paddocks and from here it is mostly easy gradients peppered here and there with a little puffer to gain some altitude. Plenty of fences to cross, but stiles are provided. For the most part you cannot see the summit until you are practically on it and be warned the last quarter or so of the track is when you start to puff a bit and its not until probably the last kilometer or so until you actually start sweating in earnest as you relatively quickly go from 500ish to 900m. No trig when I was there just a small white stake to mark the summit of Mt Herbert. From here you can retrace your steps but I decided to push on and see if I could get to the top of Mt Bradley.