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Mt Herbert
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OmaGosh & I were in Christchurch for a couple of days on our way to the climbing camp near Arthurs Pass, so thought we'd bag this one along with Mt Bradley as a warm up.
Looking at the map, we decided to tackle them both in the same day, and with this in mind decided to start from the Purau Port Levy Rd. This saved us both a bit of elevation and distance to cover instead of going the more usual Mt Herbert Walkway route. Plus I was quite keen to have a squiz at the very prominent Monument on the way (although rockclimbing here is currently out due to the recent quakes).
The route up begins from the saddle in the road and follows a farm track most of the way. You need to leave this when you're almost under Mt Herbert though and tussock bash (easy) your way up to the ridgeline leading up to the obvious rounded peak up ahead on your right.
It was about 5km distance and took us just over two hours walking very slowly. A satisfying trig on the summit and wonderful panoramic views out over Lyttelton Harbour and the Port Hills.
From here we continued on to Mt Bradley (see report on that topic).
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