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British Peak
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Saw this peak so many times as I drove over the Makara hill that I decided to one day make a point of bagging it just to see what the marker it it's peak was (From Makara Peak you can spot it and just about make out something on its peak). Pretty much all i did was follow the Skyline track up to the point where the App on my phone showed a track (not sure of it is official) peeling off to the left and then bending along the ridge towards to mystery peak. Some nice sea views on the way, but with a strong wind i was at a 45 degree angle for a good deal of the walk, but i had a mission, so onwards it was. Eventually I made it to the peak to discover it had a small castle tower like monument on it dedicated to a man and woman, the details of which now escape me. 375m, and according the NZ topo map called British peak.