Author Topic: Unnamed 1787m peak on St Arnaud Range Track  (Read 1558 times)

Unnamed 1787m peak on St Arnaud Range Track
« on: January 05, 2015, 01:58:21 PM »
Did a hike yesterday up the St Arnaud Range track and then along the ridge to the unnamed 1787m peak. Stunning wee spot. Posted about it in a little more detail on G+

In looking at the Peaks Classification criteria, I believe this peak may be worthy of being considered for addition. Yes, there are a couple of higher peaks further along the range, notably at the Rainbow Skifield, but this peak is a good day hike from St Arnaud, and about 1km along the ridge from the end of the St Arnaud Range track.

1. Accessibility
YES The peak must be able to be reached without trespassing on any privately or publically owned land.
YES The peak must be able to be reached without violating any special restrictions or closures put in place (permanently or temporarily), for at least a 3 month period during the year.
YES The peak must be able to be reached without needing special mountaineering equipment or experience to reach the summit, at least in the summer season.
YES The peak must be able to be reached without putting the 'average' hiker into unnecessary danger.

2. Physical and Cultural Guidelines
YES Is the summit greater than 100m above sea level?
YES Does the summit or journey provide rewarding views?
YES Is the summit obvious and/or contain a landmark? e.g. a trig, or cairn?
YES Is the peak easily reached on weekend trips from main population centres/transport routes?
NO Does the peak hold special historical, social, or cultural significance?
YES Is the summit accessible only by foot, and not via public road?
NO Is peak a named 'mountain'?
Where a peak is one of a number on a marked track, is the peak the highest (or most 'rewarding') on that track? (It is past the end of the marked track, about 1km up the ridge. The next major peak is at Rainbow Skifield and considerably further along)

Re: Unnamed 1787m peak on St Arnaud Range Track
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Yeah, it's a beautiful spot for sure. I was up there myself with OmaGosh and a friend in December. A few photos here:

We continued on along the ridge and camped at the beautiful little tarn about 4.5km further on just before Rainbow skifield pops into view. An awesome little spot to stay, and no downclimbing required as this tarn is right up on the ridge. Fantastic views all the way along with tarns aplenty. The ridgeline got more exposed with rotten rock nearer the tarn though and involved scrambling along lower down which wasn't so much fun. We dropped straight down a scree slope shortly after the tarn which took us almost to the head of the lake. A bit of an adventure and a few dodgy moments enroute, but the swim made up for it all :)

No trig, and no really obvious summit to this peak, but could be worthy of official status in that it brings people up to this beautiful spot.
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