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« on: January 20, 2014, 01:50:54 PM »
Another great day for a hike.  Took some kids with me (two of them mine).  The river crossings were fun, decided to go up the easier way (clockwise).  Very steep section to start with.  Southerly came up once we were on the ridge, so on with the thermals.  Made the Hut by lunch time.  Sun was out by then, so had lunch then carried on.  Numerous bogs from here to the summit, almost lost one of the kids in one.  Spectacular view from the top, worth the climb.  5 hours to the top, bit slow I know, but not as fit as i used to be.  Back down again.  Very steep, glad we didn't come up this way.  Basically a continuous climb (descent) the whole way.  Almost vertical in some places. 2 hours 45 to the bottom.  8 hours total trip time.  Very hard work, but worth the effort.