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Waikaremoana with Kids?
« on: November 25, 2013, 03:11:51 PM »
 Hi there, we have an 8 and 10 year old, both fit and sporty and have loved the tramping we've done so far. We've done some decent day tramps and did the Pinnacles out from Thames as an overnighter. We're thinking of doing the Lake Waikaremoana circuit next year with them and my questions are:
 1) Is the bluff too much for kids to attempt? So should we boat into or out of the closest drop off point, eliminate the hill and shorten the walk?
2) Which would be the best direction? If we DID do the whole tramp is it better to get the hill out of the way first when fresh and excited, or at the end when packs are lighter and bit more seasoned to the walking??
 Any experience/advice much appreciated. I'd rather not learn by mistake when so much experience out there.
Cheers, Sharon


Thanks, Sharon Skinner

Re: Waikaremoana with Kids?
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Hi Sharon,

I think if you take your time, the bluffs should be fine. There's some fantastic views once you get up higher, and I'd rank that as one of the highlights, so it would be a shame to miss that part of the adventure. I'd probably recommend doing it clockwise so the fresh legs get the hill over with early - then it's all downhill and flat after that (the kids will like that idea!). It's a more steady consistant grade going that way up too.
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