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Last Auckland bag.
« on: September 10, 2012, 03:26:14 PM »
Was not planning to do this peak, or any peak for that matter today, but when I woke up the weather looked a whole lot better than predicted so I thought I would chance it and see if the last Auckland peak on my list (apart from Mt. Hobson) was doable.

Stopped in the small car park and made my way over some styles and across some farm paddock. After two small hills I reached the start of the bush and headed on. The track was a pretty good mix, from memory it is pretty much from the start a decent grade that grabs you some vertical meters, then levels out so you can grab your breath, then the grade ups again for a bit and then a long level section. From there it is more or less an easy grade apart from some quick climbs but nothing very hard. The track was a bit muddy, but when you expect it and plan for it you donít seem that bothered by it, although you do have to keep your wits about you heading back down!

Just before you get to the top you will see a split in the track, take it, it leads to a quick lookout and then rejoins the track. And then the summit! If you somehow manage to miss the giant trig the big wooden box that Iím guessing is the helicopter pad certainly grabs your attention. No views due to vegetation, but if you climb the oversized trig you can get some good views over the Leigh coast.

1hr 20mins up
40mins down