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27 Apr 13
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Started early, good weather. Great views on the way up. Enjoyed the trail, small climbs for a ways and then gets steep as you turn to go up the summit trail. As I got closer to the summit it was getting pretty windy. Dashed up to the top and back down pretty fast to minimize exposure to the wind. Not the type of weather to hang out on the top anyway. I got about half way down the steep summit track and the wind seemed to die down. I felt a little disappointed that I should have taken a bit longer to make it up so maybe I could have been on the top with less wind. BUT, continuing down the trail the views from earlier this morning were gone, clouds and fog were moving in. Other groups started coming up the trail and I was glad I had started early and enjoyed the views despite the wind at the summit. It didn't look like the later groups were going to get any views. Wonderful trail and views but definitely worth waiting for good weather. Would be a shame to climb Mt Somers with no views.
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