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Mt Somers by GuanoGerbil
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What better way to spend my birthday than climb another mountain?
I opted for the recommended route, but in my haste to get on with it, I ended up taking the wrong track and visiting the falls instead. Hmm... things have obviously changed - my Memory Map showed the track going that way, but obviously not anymore! Backtracked to the carpark and started again off the right track this time. Never mind, a good half hour warm up is just what I needed!  ;)  Please note to look for the other track starting on the left of the obvious one everyone else is taking.
Is a good track up with only a brief touch of mud early on. No messing around like yesterday on Black Hill - this was straight up, which is just how I like it.
I reached the sign at the turnoff up higher which said another 2.5 hours to the summit. It got steeper from here, but I was disappointed to find I could only enjoy 45 minutes of it before I was up there already. Nice views out over the Canterbury plains from the trig. Going a couple of minutes further on to the viewpoint structure though, the views were stupendous. Fantastic views out over the divide, with the madame of mistresses herself winking at me. Damn that is a big peak - she certainly towers above everything else!
It took me about 1 hour 50mins up, with a leisurely 4 hour return trip in total spending plenty of time up on the top. A must do!
3 substantial peaks ticked off in 4 days - the prep is done, now on to find something a bit bigger
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