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Mt Tutamoe
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Use GPS address 2418 Tangowahine Valley which is about 1km after the forestry road Tainui and before the bridge.  The track is allegedly closed due to logging.  From car park the entire hill has now just been felled of all pines taking the track markers with it. So if you decide to do this then do so on a Sunday when the logging activity is having a weekend break.  Until the logs are cleared I recommend walking up the Forrest road called Tainui, stay on this main metal road until you get to a fence line fencing off native bush and forms the LHS ridge line that heads up to the Tutamoe cone.  Once over the fence and into the bush the track is quite nice but gets really steep as you ascend the cone to the summit as is worthy of a peak to bag.  I suspect the views are great but not this day. 

Having bagged this final peak I now officially have only two North Island peaks left being Great Barrier and Kapiti Island completing the 59 of 61 on current list. This looks like the end of peak bagging for me as the South Island travel expenses are prohibitive.  The great walks are likely now to be my next  list to complete.  So long peak baggers, I hope this website will cause me to see more kiwis instead of tourists on our awesome back country tracks.