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This was my first hike of any note for months as I spent a winter running.  Guano was keen to tick this peak off and some company on these hikes no doubt appreciated even if it is in the form of a mortal.

We headed up to the remote bag Hauturu after exploring Tokatoka Peak and Maungaraho Rock on the way up.  The mission was also to carry on and explore Te Raupua which is listed as a “possible” as sits further along the same range. Access was gained from Waiotemarama Gorge Road.  Just after a bridge a few minutes up the road on the right is a car park.  The track itself has no signage for Hauturu and because of the existence of a loop track I was wondering if we were in the right place.   I need not have worried.

So a 7am set off. The track heads straight into the bush and after a little while you come down to a stream and a waterfall, cross the stream and start heading upward.  Not long after the Kauri trees really start to impress and a fork in the track appears.  It doesn’t matter here which way you take as both tracks rejoin further up but I would recommend left as you head up which seems to be the best option for viewing a large number of moderate to large Kauri, or of course one way up and take the other back.  The Kauri are really quite impressive, and would be a good walk for those not so keen to take on the peaks.  As the altitude increases the track gets steeper and rougher and the Kauri fade away.  The second half of the track especially will test your fitness going up (not too bad for me) and your balance on tired legs coming down (not so good for me).  This was the worst section of the trip

Before Hauratu you break out onto the main ridge and there are a number of spots where good views can be had before the peak. We reached Hauturu Trig after about 2 hours.  There are no views from the trig at all though a lookout track extends on a few more metres past the trig to give some limited views out across the range from the edge of a bluff.

Our next target was Te Raupua which is Northlands highest peak at 781m asl.  It looked a long, long way off and the “encouraging” sign told us it was 4.5 hours away.  I imagined rough nasty up and down terrain draining every ounce of life from me.  After making the somewhat painful decision to continue on we dropped very steeply off Hauratu but then surprisingly the track became excellent.  One could even walk upright without ducking and weaving and the travel was fairly flat and fast.  We were making good speed so smiles returned.  After another 2 hours we reached the “roof of Northland” which is just a sign in the bush reminiscent of Te Toiokawharu in the Waitakeres. There are no views at all and as the top of the peak is pretty flat there is no really chance of making any.

We had an early lunch at 11am pretty happy with our travel. Our trip back was even more interesting as we discovered the famous Kauri snails.  First I found a full shell in lovely nick, then many broken ones and finally best of all Guano found a live one just crawling along on leaf litter on the side of the track.  Wow they are big and very impressive.  I would imagine this would be a creepy crawly dreamland for those so inclined.  Everything up there is “big”.  I even saw a spider web which was a definite large funnel.  Looked like the type of thing you didn’t want to meet the owner of.

The pinch back up to Hauratu was steep and exhausting (for me – walk in park for Guano. Some say that he levitates up slopes).  The trip down off Hauratu was annoyingly rough and steep on fatigued legs.  However the Kauri trees were reached and served as a pick me up as we strolled through the most magnificent stand of trees I have ever seen.  They are truly awe inspiring. Back down to the lower sections and out to the carpark at 4:30pm

All up 8.5 hours, 24.5km and about 1650m total ascent.

My opinion on Te Raupua is as the highest point in the region it should be a bag.  It would be a long day.  Although the summit is somewhat uninspiring there are definitely plenty of things to keep the interest up along the way.  The track from Hauturu is good. Hauturu as a hike alone is almost slightly too short.

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