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Hauturu & Te Raupua
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Crikey, another excellent report Vino!

We parked just over the bridge at a small clearing, although there was some uncertainty as to whether we were actually at the right place to begin with. There was only a sign pointing the way for the Waiotemarama track (not what we were expecting, and no other info at all) and my topo indicated that there should also be a track on the other side of the stream, so we werenít too sure if we were on the right track at all.

We soon reached the waterfall, at which point you cross over the stream and continue upwards. We reached an effectively unmarked fork in the track not long after that. I thought that this must be the turn around point for the supposed waterfall loop. We hedged our bets and opted to go right. We came to a T-juction not long after with an actual sign indicating Hauturu trig to the right (phew!). As it turned out, it didnít matter which way you went at the previous fork - itís actually a Kauri loop track. Contrary to the map and the beta, thereís actually only the one track up past the waterfall, with a short loop afterwards to take in the Kauriís.

From here the terrain got quite steep. The summit trig of Hauturu offers no views at all - the viewpoint is a short stroll further past there with views very reminiscent, only slightly less extensive, of the ones offered at Tutamoe.

Considering the fact that there was a signpost pointing 1 hour 30 mins back to the carpark (it took us 1 hour 40 minutes up), and another sign indicating 4.5 hours from here to Te Raupua, we were beginning to wonder whether we were in for a slightly longer day than anticipated. The fish and chips at Hokianga Harbour was beginning to sound a somewhat more tempting option! However, after a steep 150m drop down, the ridgeline leveled out very nicely and we made good progress along here on a surprisingly level and fast superhighway. It wasnít until getting very near Te Raupua that it got a bit steeper and rougher again. We arrived at the summit 2 hours after leaving Hauturu (not bad considering the 4.5 hours indicated - how did they come up with this figure??). But the Ďviewsí at Te Raupua made it all worthwhile - hee hee, lucky there was a signpost there so we knew we had arrived!

The return trip seemed to go much faster, probably because we got distracted with snails on the way back. Vino found a stunner of a Kauri snail shell lying right on the track, and after that we found lots and lots of them - all broken alas. How could we have missed them on the way in? But finding an actual live one on the side of the track was, for me, probably the highlight of the whole weekend. Just so big and incredibly beautiful to see. The scramble back up to Hauturu didnít seem too bad, although I think we ended up taking longer coming down from there than we did coming up due to the steepness involved.

We took the other loop around the Kauriís on the way back, and very glad we did. What incredibly big and beautiful trees they are. The Kauri loop would be a fantastic walk to do just on itís own. Itís just so inspiring to see so many impressive specimens all here together out in the middle of nowhere, and to be able to walk right up and touch them.

All up an 8.5 hour day. As far as Te Raupua goes, Vino and I decided itís probably good to include it for official status if only as a technical peak. For those who would like to bag the highest peak in every region, this would be a must. For those who want a satisfying pointy peak, a view, or even just a trig - donít bother. A great walk though for those who are into big trees and big snails!
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