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Caching on Climie
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Date: 24 MAR 13
Track Conditions:  Very Dry
Start Point: Upper Carpark
Time Taken: Unknown

For some reason I thought I could run this?

I had recently purchased a nice wee book ( and it had Mt Climie as a 13 km mountain run. After downloading the 15 geocaches on the route to my GPS we set off on a cracker of a day in the Hutt (mind you, it was late March and we had yet to see any rain for the year). Needless to say, my aspirations for running this quickly petered out after probably 2 km. It was distressing to be passed by an older gentleman who was indeed running the hill, quite a goat and very admirable.

We made it up to the trig, then the second, and continued a little further along the ridge to a knoll where the furtherest cache was hiding. It was lovely to experience alpine vegetation so close to home.

We bagged the majority of caches on the way down (grabbing them on the way up would have been smarter and would have provided some lung and leg relief but we had set off a bit late)

A great hill, and one that I would love to conquer at a faster rate sometime.

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