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Colonial Knob
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Started off at 10 am with the family from Broken Hill car park. The sign said 5.9km 3-4 hours.  I was quite sure it was much less that 5.9kms and 3-4 hours.  Maybe it meant return.  Anyhow, off we went.  Overcast day.  Temperatures not too bad.  Easy enough to start with, but eventually we hit the stairs, and it got quite steep after that.  Quite a slog to the summit, and my 68 year old mother nearly had to turn around, but with much encouragement and numerous rest stops we eventually made it to the trig in 1 hour 23 minutes.  Wind was quite strong and the top of the mountain was covered in cloud, but every now and then we had some spectacular views of the area.  Carried on to the transmitter and stopped for lunch.  The sign there said 3.1km back the way we came, or 5.1km down the 4wd track.  We opted for the longer track down.  The sign also said 2 hours to the bottom.  20 minutes later the sign said 1 hour to the bottom.  20 minutes later the next sign said 1 and a half hours to the bottom???  The fourth sign said 30 minutes to the bottom (that was a relief) and to follow the 4wd track.  However someone had painted on the sign a blue arrow which suggested we should go through the gate to return to the Broken Hill car park.  Not sure which way to go, we decided to continue on down the 4wd track and see where that lead us.  Another sign approximately 100m further down said we had to go back up the track, and was pointing in the direction of another 4wd track.  Now completely confused we consulted the gps, and found the new 4wd track was marked, and headed in the direction of the Broken Hill car park, so we opted to follow that and see where it lead.  After following it for a few minutes, and confirming with the gps that we were on the right track, we carried on, confident that we were going to arrive back at the car park.  However, after sighting our van through the foliage it became obvious that the track we were on was not going to end up in the right place.  Then the track simply stopped.  Fortunately a young gentleman was doing a bit of work in the bush.  He told us that the track we were on was not actually a proper track, and that we should have gone through the gate.  Instead of walking all the way back we could cut through the bush where he had made a track, cross the stream, scramble up the bank, then walk around the warehouse to get onto Broken Hill road.  That was a relief.  Finally we arrived back at the car park, and despite our adventures managed to do it in 1 hour 28 minutes.  The moral of the story is follow the blue arrow and go through the gate.