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Mt Auckland - Ex Kaipara Hills Road
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30km North of Helensville, it is a long way for an east aucklander to drive to climb to 304m.  However on a fine day the drive was good and the track was very rewarding. Like Mt Tamahunga the folliage has a very tropical feel, it is open with specklings of sun constantly finding a way through

Originally I had planned to climb Mt Auckland from SH16 (the shorter steeper route).  It took me an age to find the start of the track and once i did there was not any parking except some very very boggy verge. Not a great road to muck around trying to find a spot.  Instead of risking getting the car stuck in the mud for the second time in a month I changed plans and opted to go for th Kaipara Hills Road end which is not as steep but longer.

The start is across farmland which was very boggy after the masses of rain the area has had. It isnt extremely well marked and footprints and following ones nose was the navigation means. Once into the bush it was very pleasant and surprisingly dry, and the track was pretty easy to follow in all but a couple of places.  The track surface and gradient is pretty easy all things considered. 2.5 hours return with a good break at the top for photos.

The views were excellent. Mt Tatamoe, Bream head, Hen and Chickens, Dome Summit, Mt Tamahunga, Little Barrier, Coromandel and of course extensive views over the Kaipara

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