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Mt Pirongia
« on: April 02, 2013, 12:09:30 PM »
Was on holiday at my in laws at Raglan and I was released from the kids to bag Mt Pirongia.
I followed the advice of Peak Bagging NZ and started my hike from Corcoran Road. I have a Nike +GPS sports watch and I started it from the car park.
 I started at 10.26 am and I went to the summit and then on to the hut and lunch and then back down the same way. It took me 3.58 hours and the morning chorus was in full song. 
It was very white and misty on the way up but started to clear on the way down. The track was dry to start with and a little dusty in places from the drought but a few showers on the way up and it started to mud over and the tree routes became very slippery.
 Another great hike but will have to do it again to see the view from the top.  Also DOC signs state that it is about 6.5 km to the top but my watch says its 11km from the car park to the summit on to the hut and back which would make the kms to the hut about 5.5 so I would say the summit is a little less than 6 km. 
A very good work out climbing and hiking.