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Mt Mangaweka Easter 2013
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Use GPS address 550 Mangakuke Rd to get to car park (has a long drop toilet). 

There are two tracks that can be taken to get onto the ridge line from this car park. Either straight ahead via Purity hut or the track off to the right passing near the Kelly Knight hut.  NB!!!  Both tracks cross private sheep farm land and both owners request you call (see Doc site) for permission.  The Purity hut land owner may likely refuse entry (unless bribed with a bottle of wine) so try nicer owner via Kelly Knight track.  Both will refuse during lambing season in Oct which is fair enough.

We took the Purity hut track up via the exposed sheep paddocks (follow orange markers on your left up the fence line) to arrive at bush line 40min later. We caught up with 5 others who missed the route and arrived at same point 1:40hr later so take heed.  So car park to Purity hut 1:50hr, Purity hut to Wooden peg  junction 55min, Wooden Peg to summit via Iron peg 35min (3Hr:20min with 15kg packs).  We reassembled the trig for a photo before returning back to a pile of 4x4s.  Clear day so great views. A few tarns to drink from but if low visibility it would be easy to miss the trig point and get confused on one of the many high tussock mounds (stay right).

We then took the Kelly Knight track to arrive at the hut for the night 2hrs later and tramped out the next morning to drive over to the Whanganui National park to bag (under torch light) and camp on the Mt Mangaweka summit just before midnight, see Mt Mangaweka post.