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Wellington Skyline Track
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Bagged this one as part of the Wellington Skyline Track.  Started at 8:30am with a group of 20, from McLintock St in Johnsonville.  The forecast was for fine sunny weather and a gentle breeze from the west.  Turned out to be pretty chilly, with the cloud base down to the top of the Transmission mast on Mt Kaukau, and a good stiff breeze.  Still it could have been raining.  As it turned out, the weather was perfect for a hike.  Nice and cool out of the sun and with the wind.  We followed the old coach road up to the top, nice views along the way, but not to difficult.  2.98km, and 46 minutes.  Finished the walk by a hike 10km out to Makara Hill Rd.  Again great views.  A nice straight forward walk.  Some ups and downs, but not too difficult.  2 hours 30 mins to the end.  We then continued on to Makara Peak to finish the hike.  Please see my post under Makara Peak for that.
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