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Fantham's Peak
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Completed this trip as a 7 hour return trip with a group of people including several kids from 10-15 years old.

Easy climb initially to the "halfway point" then the scree starts and this section of the track will take twice as long as the first bush/stairway section.
Once you get over the scree and onto the Plateau you will see Syme hut which is a small hut that makes a good base for doing a day trip to Egmont summit (passage to the summit is not guaranteed) I have not climbed to the summit from this side yet but when I was up there in late January the only people making this trip to the summit were using crampons.

The Weather was overcast in the morning clearing in the afternoon.
There was a cold wind blowing in from the southwest which hit us the the bottom on the scree slope and stayed with us the rest of the way up.
The temperature ontop on the peak at Symes hut was very cold (guess about 5 degrees C)