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It was an early start as we didn't want to be in the heat all day. We did a 28km loop that went from Umakarikari car park to Umakarikari summit, across to Urchin, down to Urchin car park and back to Umakarikari car park. It took us about 7 and 1/2 hours. It was a good day. There was no cloud in the sky so there were good, clear views. At the top of Umakarikari is was windy so we all put another layer on. Overall it was a good day on my first trip to the Kaimanawas.

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Nice one Claire Bear.  Here is a picture of you huddled together having a snack at Umukarikari Summit

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Hi there, so does that make it about 10k between car parks?  or less?  thanks!

i just pulled down the Topo50 map and see the bigger distance is between Urchin Peak and Umakarikari though it seems a steady ridge walk between the two.   IF you can comment on the car park distance, it would be appreciated, by the time i get to the carpark, walking to another always seems the most tiring part of the tramp!


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I think the distance between carparks is 5 or 6km but it could be more.  It did take a while and we ran most of it.  We also detoured to the campsite along the way which would have added a bit. Will need to consult my mates GPS for and exact length. 

The poled route between Umukarikai and Urchin begins just below Sharp Cone (which is marked in the wrong place on topo maps i last saw) is very fast and straight forward travel until you hit the bush. Once in the bush it is very narrow single track, fairly rough.  The part of the bush track closest to Umukarikari looks newer than the track closer to Urchin.  It is pretty rough and ready and hard to trail run (we are novice trail runners not elite!) though easy enough to fast hike.  A bit of ducking and diving and some stray bush lawyer to watch out for here and there.
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